Aug 13, 2023

10 Reasons to Buy a Home at Wonderwall

With so many offerings from developers, new home buyers may be overwhelmed by the choices at hand and face decision paralysis. At Bricks and Milestones, we’ve gone the extra mile to wrap everything you’d ever want from apartment living into a single, complete offering - Wonderwall.

With Wonderwall, we set out to make use of revolutionary ideas to find a balance where we can enjoy the security of community living and reconnect with the essence of nature. Here are a couple of reasons why you’d want to buy a home at Wonderwall:

• Wonderwall is equipped to the fullest with a host of amenities, such as walking trails, sensory gardens and sports courts to name a few. We intend to impart a soulful and holistic lifestyle approach to our residents, as we have aimed to design our property as an oasis of calm in the midst of the busy nature of our daily lives.

• Wonderwall includes a wide assortment of 1, 2 and 3 BHK Houses that are arranged in 3 blocks, coming up to a total of 603 homes! The landscape, with its spread out, green open spaces are meant to welcome you after a long day’s work. It enhances the idea of what comfort at home should be.

• With Wonderwall, we want to redefine what apartment living means to you, which is why we’re offering facilities such as a Moon Garden, Waterside Seating, Reflection Pond, Sculpture Court, Auditory Court, and Textural Court, to name but a few!

• Experience true community living, with activities and features such as bird watching, swimming, unity court, dance venues, concert halls, as well as music learning centres.

• There are also various things to do all around the property to keep you in tip-top shape in the form of numerous outdoor sports, as well as a truly open outdoor area where you can breathe while you work up a sweat.

• Our buildings use eco-friendly materials and construction techniques that minimize their impact on the environment.

• Located at Sompura Gate just off Sarjapura Road, this project is close to all the major professional and social hubs in Bengaluru, so you can get to where you need quickly, in case you actually ever felt like leaving.

• We believe in functional, adaptive and sustainable solutions. With Wonderwall, we take a further step in innovative, energy-efficient and future-oriented automation solutions for your dream homes.

• To keep all the children happy and engaged, there is a Sandbox, a jungle gym, plenty of board games, as well as a common library

• Wonderwall has been holistically designed to satisfy any needs a person may have. We would love for you to join us in adopting a lifestyle of unparalleled experiences that happens to be so close to home that it is home itself!

At Bricks & Milestones, we’re completely focused on creating premium, modern living and working spaces to redefine the expectations of our residents and customers. From our inception, we’ve aimed to use our design principles to build environments that suit your needs. We don’t just give you bricks, we create new milestones.