May 3, 2023

10 things to do in Sarjapur on Weekends

Kaikondrahalli Lake, Sarjapur Road, Bengaluru

Living in Sarjapur and near Sarjapur Road puts you in the vicinity of outlets for leisure and recreation. There’s something for everyone: ranging from the excitement of go-karting to soothing activities like plucking fruit and experiencing shaded orchards. Here’s a look at some spots that you must check out in and around Sarjapur.

1. Red Riders Sports Club 

Red Riders has more excitement to offer than most of us can handle in a single day. With activities like bungee trampoline, target shooting, go-karting, zip lining, paintball and more on offer, there’s excitement for everyone at Red Riders. Drop in and check it out for yourself.

2. Urban Climbers

Put your strength and flexibility to the test at Urban Climbers. Urban Climbers provides wall-climbing and training for climbers of all skill levels - from beginners to seasoned pros. Head over and make your own route to the top to get away from the stresses of work and everyday life. 

3. Kaikondrahalli Lake 

Experience an oasis of Serenity in the middle of bustling Sarjapur at Kaikondrahalli Lake. You can drop by during sunrise or sunset for magnificent views and for a chance to catch some rare water birds at their most active moments.

4. Riddle Room 

Think you and your friends have what it takes to break out of a room that is designed to lock you in? At Riddle Room, you can experience the unique challenge of working against the clock to escape a locked room. 

5. PLaY Arena

PLaY Arena encourages you to be a sport! With a wide range of activities, there’s something for everyone at PLaY Arena. You can choose from off-roading, paintball, go-karting, target practice, bowling and much much more. 

6. I Am Game

A short hop away from Sarjapur, I Am Game hosts unique activities like laser tag and snooker. A great recreational getaway for adults, be sure to call in advance as they are busy through most days of the week.

7. Mother Sanctuary

Mother sanctuary is the ideal neighbourhood getaway for both parents and children. With green expanses and shaded areas, Mother Sanctuary is a one of a kind urban sanctuary that will allow you to chill while your kids have fun in the safety and comfort of a green paradise.

8. Hamsah Organic Farm 

Situated right beside the excitement of Red Riders Sports, Hamsah Organic Farm is a quiet and green getaway where one can experience calming activities like plucking fruit trees and hanging out in the greenery of a tree plantation. 

9. Unnati Library and activity centre

Situated just off Sarjapur Road, the Unnati Library is a silent haven where you can drop in to experience some unparalleled quiet time. Unnati Library also has something to offer to kids with their large collection of children’s books and toys.

10. The Martin Farm

Few activities create excitement among children like meeting, interacting with and feeding animals. At the Martin Farm, you can expect to meet rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, sheep, donkeys and more. For a nominal entry fee, your children can experience tons of excitement and mingle with friendly creatures. 

Besides these, there’s always a number of world-class shopping malls like Total Mall and PVR Central Spirit, where you could head for a bit of shopping and cinema with the family. Several affordable shopping centres have also started popping up along Sarjapur Road, besides many of your favourite restaurants. With the expected growth in the area, there will always be a lot more to do here, without ever having to leave.

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