Oct 17, 2023

The perks of being surrounded by open spaces at home

Wonderwall, Open Spaces

It’s hard to understate the importance of open spaces, both within the house and in your immediate surroundings. Homes with less open space inside lend themselves to a cluttered and unorganised lifestyle for all the residents within. It’s hard to communicate well when you don’t have your own space to think and reflect on what you’re about to say, isn’t it? Besides the aesthetic benefits of having more space to arrange your stuff in and the functional benefits of having more space to move around in, open spaces have many other imperceptible benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of these!

1) Recreation, indoors and out!

Your children and pets don’t care about the amount of fancy furniture you can squeeze into every room. They want their space to run around and do what they are meant to do. Having well-planned interiors and additional rooms at home means your children can bring the fun indoors when the weather doesn’t allow them to be out. Balconies with a view also contribute towards enhancing your mood, by connecting you to the wonderful outdoors, especially if you live in a high-rise apartment or a villa project that’s surrounded by greenery that you were meant to enjoy! It goes without saying that residential projects that offer better outdoor amenities such as parks, gardens and sports courts are always preferable to the soulless concrete monoliths that have sprung up in our city centres.

2) Interactions in the real world!

In 2021, we have all become well-versed with the concept of digital connectivity, be it for work or to stay in touch with our loved ones living abroad. In fact, we have become so comfortable with this idea that most people have begun to prefer virtual meet-ups for every occasion. It may well be the case someday soon, that the only people we talk to regularly are our neighbours. And open spaces in your residential project enhance this sense of community, providing a space for natural interactions among adults and children. The park in your apartment complex is the new ‘town square’ where everyone met up in the past, to share in each other’s joy. Having well-structured open spaces, with cul-de-sacs for your picnic spots and waterways for your kids to run along and dip their feet in, is an invaluable benefit of living in the right place.

3) Be environment-friendly

We are literally being swallowed by concrete, everywhere we go. With little thought having gone towards creating sustainable cities in the past, most of our urban hubs have sacrificed their green spaces to meet the ever-growing demand for development projects. Water bodies have either been filled in or paved over. In this regard, there is an urgent need to rethink how our residential projects are constructed. Projects that make space for water bodies, carefully selected flora & fauna that complement the natural environment and properly planned water harvesting, purification and disposal methods need to be prioritised, both by governments and home buyers. These projects offer an oasis of calm not just for the residents, but also for the people in surrounding areas. Having open green spaces and trees within a residential community also helps in reducing the temperature in the vicinity. And the more the carefully considered residential projects, the merrier!

4) The economic benefits

Finally, let’s consider the financial benefits of being surrounded by open spaces. After all, your home is an investment, whether you plan to ever sell it or not. Well-maintained projects with large open spaces add to the aesthetic and monetary value of your home. People in cities are always going to want to move to such homes, so they can connect with nature. Also, such projects tend to have dedicated spaces for sports courts and amenities, which add to the value of your home going forward. In case you ever need to sell or rent your home, these features can attract a premium over standalone houses.


So, as you can see, there are too many positive benefits to living with wide open spaces, inside the home and out. At Bricks & Milestones, we have always built our homes around this concept, whether we construct row villas or apartments. In fact, we have dedicated over 75% of the project area at Wonderwall, our 1,2,3 BHK apartment project at Sompura Gate, towards open spaces, so you and your family can grow up with enough place to hold all your dreams, whatever those may be!

Take a look at the details of our projects on this website and get in touch with us if you’d like to know more!