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1, 2 & 3 BHK Apartments
Well Ventilated Homes
Outdoor Work Spaces
Sports Courts

Every last inch of Wonderwall has been designed to utilise and maximise the best of nature while reconnecting all of us with the true essence of community living.

Freshwater, fragrant trees, flowering plants and open spaces intended to host migratory birds rest alongside our immaculately designed sensory gardens, each of which includes things you may have never seen in one place before.

An entire landscape designed as a feast for your senses, because the wonders of nature cannot hope to be contained within a few walls.

Thoughtfully located at Sompura Gate, this project is close to all the major professional and social hubs in Bengaluru, so you can get to where you need quickly, in case you actually feel like leaving.


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Wonders within & beyond

At Wonderwall, you’ll find all the amenities you need and some, you never knew you did. We’ve got more than seven hundred 1, 2, 3 BHK apartments in 3 wondrous blocks that are carefully curated landscapes that feature relaxing waterways, 78% open spaces and thoughtfully designed, spread out green spaces that make coming home a blissful experience. 

Focused on experiential living, the amenities at Wonderwall are geared towards giving its residents an active, soulful lifestyle. Walking trails, sports courts, sensory gardens invite you to explore a landscape designed to bring out the best in you, an oasis of calm away from the bustle of the city.

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5 senses of landscape

Every inch of Wonderwall has been designed to utilise & maximise the best of nature. Relish the landscapes inspired by the five sensory elements. Feel & touch the trees, walk barefoot in the grass or hear the sounds of freshwater & rustling leaves. Liven your day with the smell of flowers handpicked from around the world or taste the seasonal gifts by the fruit trees for a healthier & happier life. A sumptuous feast awaits your eyes, a sight of a natural landscape that adapts to the seasons. Take it all in.

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Amenities that become your lifestyle

We set out to redefine the lifestyle you can expect from apartment living in Bengaluru with a focus on Mindful Living like Yoga Lawns & Outdoor Library, Experiential Living with features like Community Cultivation & Waterside Seating and Culture & Lifestyle Amenities like Festivities Plaza & Outdoor Workspaces. 

You’ll find multiple avenues for Healthy & Active living like Gym, Jogging track, Futsal field & so much more while also enticing your children into exploring the special Kid-friendly features & Picnic venues resting alongside multiple sports courts.

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Sustainable Living

Our design principles are aimed towards providing a sustainable lifestyle where structures & practices come together to create a positive space that is productive & a pleasure to live in.

Water is precious, which is why our homes incorporate rainwater harvesting, groundwater collection, dual plumbing & smart individual water meter.

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Conveniently located, Perfectly balanced

Holistically designed to set new standards in modern apartment living, we have taken all the measures to ensure that your family has an unmatched experience when you decide to move here. Located centrally at Sompura Gate just off Sarjapur Road, Wonderwall provides access to all the wonders and urban conveniences of the Garden City while wrapping you in natures’ warm embrace back home, where you’ll want to spend most of your time anyway.

The World within your Reach

Find yourself, in the heart of it all.

What can we do for you? Leave us your details and we’ll be in touch!

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